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Earlier this year, I discovered Influenster. For those of you who don’t know, Influenster is a company that sends products complimentary (yes, for FREE – no credit card required 😱 ) in exchange for your reviews and opinions. It is an online community that allows its users to browse and write reviews, ask questions and get answers, and compare products.

Since I am quite opinionated about everything, I immediately signed up and downloaded the app. I’ll do my best to explain how it works and if this is something for you.


Impact Score

Once you have signed up, the first thing you want to do is link all of your social media accounts (Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, etc) to get your Impact Score. Your social media must be public.


These are questions Influenster asks to get a better idea of what products best suit you. These are the typical “Have you used -“, “Have you shopped-“, “Which/what brand do you use -” questions. You can find the Snaps section on your dashboard. Be sure to complete them all, and check for new ones every so often.


Search for products and services you have used, and start writing reviews and answering/asking questions. The more you write, the more badges you earn and level up in.

Voxbox/Virtual VoxBox Campaign

A voxbox campaign is a campaign that involves Influenster sending you a box of products to test for your reviews, and a virtual voxbox campaign is an online sweepstakes campaign in which you would not receive product(s). Both campaigns have you complete activities via social media (posts, tweet, etc).

If Influenster sends you a voxbox and you post it on your social media, you must disclose that you received the products complimentary from Influenster for testing purposes. While these activities are not mandatory, completing activities earn you special badges and sweepstakes entries. The only mandatory activities are including disclosure and completing the post-survey that Influenster sends via email. If you fail to do either, you will no longer be eligible for future programs.


Once you have your Impact Score and written as many reviews as possible, it is basically a waiting game. If you qualify for an upcoming campaign, Influenster will email you a pre-survey letting you know you made the shortlist. It won’t disclose what product(s) you’ll receive, but there are usually hints within the pre-survey. At the end of the pre-survey, they will prompt you for your address.

Be sure to complete the pre-survey before the deadline, and wait for another email from Influenster confirming that you’re in and should expect your voxbox shortly. If you do not receive a confirmation email, you unfortunately will not receive a voxbox.

I do also want to note that you will only receive a voxbox if you receive a You’re In email from Influenster. There have been a few times in which I did not receive a pre-survey and a campaign popped up in my app, only to disappear hours later. It’s a terrible feeling. 😢


Some of Influenster’s voxboxes include full-sized, high-end products that you feel you have hit the lotto if Influenster selects you to participate in the campaign. However, compared to similar programs I’ve joined (which I will also review – stay tuned!😉), Influenster is one of the most time consuming with little guarantee you will receive a voxbox you want.

Many users have mentioned that they have never received a voxbox despite having a high Impact Score, writing a ton of reviews, completing all my snaps, etc. In the two months that I have been a part of Influenster, I have been fortunate to receive one voxbox and participated in four virtual voxbox campaigns. Some users receive 4-6 voxboxes per year.

While Influenster takes a lot of patience and is quite time consuming, I would do it all over again because I have met some of the most helpful, supportive, and friendliest people through Influenster.


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