Soup Dumplings

Okay so, I can’t have a blog and just not post about one of the loves of my life… food. So perhaps, I’ll dedicate a day to food posts – Foodie Friday? – and it can help you figure out what to eat, or help you plan out a weekend trip (yes, my trips usually surround what/where I am going to eat). Let me know in the comments below if you like the idea of Foodie Fridays, or whether you are a fellow foodie! 👋🏼

Soup dumplings, or xiao long bao… I can eat soup dumplings all day, every day. And if you have never had a soup dumpling, please do your mouth a favor and try some because they are just MAGICAL! ✨🌈🦄 It’s a dumpling, usually pork, with delicious soup INSIDE! I have watched people make them over and over again, and I still cannot figure out how they do it! … it’s magic! ⚡️🤗

Obviously, be careful when eating because, well duh, there is hot soup inside! There is always that one guy who pops a whole dumpling in his mouth, only to spit it back out and nurse his burnt tongue. Don’t be that guy! 🙎🏻

Where can you get these magical soup dumplings you ask? You should be able to find them on the menu of any restaurant that serves Shanghai cuisine. I am fortunate to live in NYC, and there are a few locations: Vanessa’s Dumpling House, Shanghai Cafe, Joe’s Shanghai, Shanghai Cuisine, Nan Xiang (although Yelp says this one is closed, can any locals confirm?!).

Other must-have dishes to order are scallion pancakes and Shanghai pan-fried udon noodles. Scallion pancakes is an appetizer that is basically a flaky pan-fried flatbread with minced scallions. If you hate scallions (which I do), you will want to reconsider for this dish; it’s one of my favorites. Shanghai pan-fried udon noodles is a main dish that is delicious, whether served with pork, chicken, or vegetarian.

So go out, eat and be merry! Bon appétit!🍴

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