Elizavecca Gold CF-Nest Collagen Jella Pack Mask

I was thrilled to be selected to review the Elizavecca Gold CF-Nest Collagen Jella Pack Mask, but as I am familiar with Elizavecca products, I was not sure what I was getting myself into with this mask. I have the Elizavecca Milky Piggy Bubble Clay Mask, which is oodles of delightful fun, and then I have seen YouTube reviews for the Elizavecca Hell-Pore Clean Up Mask, in which users scream out obscenities as they peeled off the mask. It did not build my confidence that the bottle and packaging is all in Korean. (Cue nervous laughter 😅)

This Elizavecca mask is for softer and smoother skin. It peels away dry skin while hydrating to help boost elasticity, making your skin brighter and firmer.

From aggregated English instructions found online, the mask is to be applied after washing your face and using toner. It is to be applied in a thin even layer, avoiding the eyes and lip area. When completely dry, peel the mask starting from the bottom and work your way to the center of your face.

The name of the mask and the image of the piggy on the packaging are quite deceiving, as this Gold CF-Nest Collagen Jella Pack Mask barely has the tiniest gold specks in it.

While it has a delicate clean scent, it reminded me of Elmer’s Glue in appearance, consistency, and how it peeled off (I know we have all done it, do not deny it!).

As I have oily skin, there was no dry skin for this mask to peel away. The mask was very lightweight and I am not sure if it would be strong enough to actually adhere and peel off dry skin. My face did seem a little brighter and felt as if I had just applied moisturizer. I may save and test this mask in the winter.

I used this Elizavecca Gold CF-Nest Collagen Jella Pack Mask on my mother’s face, and found better results on her than on myself. She loved it so much she had me apply it on her hands and neck. Her skin looks brighter, firmer, hydrated, and (most importantly to her) youthful. She has requested for me to purchase this mask (in bulk 🤣).

This Elizavecca mask costs $15-$17 on Amazon. Other Elizavecca products fall within the $7 to $17 range.

As my face is naturally oily, I saw no difference between this mask and moisturizer. However, there was a noticeable difference in how youthful my mother’s skin became with this Elizavecca mask.

For those with dry or mature skin, I would definitely recommend to give this Elizavecca Gold CF-Nest Collagen Jella Pack Mask a try!


While I was selected as an 08L editor to review the Elizavecca Gold CF-Nest Collagen Jella Pack Mask, all opinions are my own. (Thanks 08L!)

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