Zagg – Slim Book Tablet Keyboard & Detachable Case

I purchased the Zagg Slim Book Tablet keyboard with a detachable case for my iPad when my laptop was on its last leg.

I selected the Zagg case as my options were pretty limited for a keyboard case for a 9.7″ iPad Pro. Other brands to select from were Apple, Logitech, and Targus, but I felt these cases were either too bulky for travel or did not serve as a case protector. Additionally, I have never had a problem with my Zagg screen protectors.

The Slim Book features a Bluetooth keyboard and detachable case, which can be converted into four different modes: keyboard, case, video, and book. The battery provides up to two years of regular use between charges, and it has backlit keys.

The 4-in-1 case was convenient to use in all its modes. I could type on my iPad as if using a laptop, and detach or fold the case over when not using the keyboard. While the slim case did not take up room when traveling, it did add some weight to the iPad.

It was easy to pair with Bluetooth and I never had to recharge the battery after the first full charge. For my small hands, I did not find the keyboard layout cramp, but sometimes keys would not register being pressed, which made typing quickly a nightmare.

I also did not find it difficult to detach the case from the keyboard, like other reviewers, but did often hear cracking sounds when the case was attached to the keyboard. Alas, three months of regular use later, the hinges cracked and the magnets came out.

The Zagg Slim Book case retails for $130; I had purchased it when it was on sale for $80 at Best Buy. Other keyboard cases range from $100-$150.

I really liked the concept and convenience of this 4-in-1 keyboard case. As I purchased the Zagg case when it first came out, I only found out later that other reviewers had the same issues with the case. Other reviewers were redeeming a replacement case when broken, as Zagg has a one-year warranty. Shipping & handling is not included for returning a broken case or the replacement case, which I expect to eventually break again. I will not be re-purchasing a new Zagg case.


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