BzzAgent is a site that provides free samples in exchange for reviews, similar to Influenster.

I’ll compare the two sites below, as well as leave some basic BzzAgent information for those who are interested in joining BzzAgent (For those interested in learning more about Influenster, you can find my blog post here).

While both BzzAgent and Influenster provide products in exchange for your review, BzzAgent is more of a straightforward ‘here’s a product for your review’ site, while Influenster is also an online community as well.

On BzzAgent, you are limited to browsing product reviews that appear in the More to Explore section on your dashboard, and you can only write reviews for products you receive through a BzzCampaign.

On Influenster, you are able to browse and write reviews, ask and answer questions, and compare products whether or not you receive the product from Influenster.

While you receive a score on both BzzAgent and Influenster (and the higher, the better for both sites), the scores are calculated differently. BzzAgent is more about quality while Influenster is more about the quantity. On BzzAgent, your BzzScore is on a scale of zero to ten, and takes into account your participation in campaign activities, surveys, and if you linked your social media accounts.

On Influenster, your Impact Score is the total number of followers across all of your linked social media accounts.

On BzzAgent, if you qualify to participate in a BzzCampaign, an invitation will appear on your dashboard and you will receive an email. The invitation will include the product(s) you will receive and you choose whether or not you want to participate in a BzzCampaign.

On Influenster, if you qualify to participate in a campaign, you receive a pre-survey to fill out before a set deadline. The pre-survey only lets you know the theme of the voxbox or product category, not the specific product(s). Therefore, if you opt-in, you may receive products that you have no interest in reviewing. In addition, you are not guaranteed to receive anything unless you receive a follow-up email confirming you are in the campaign.

Overall, campaign tasks are pretty much the same on both sites. With BzzAgent, it is important to always follow the task instructions because, with one of my tasks, it was required to NOT mention BzzAgent or getting the product free. With Influenster, all tasks must include disclosure that you received products complimentary from the site.

Mobile Capabilities
Unlike Influenster, BzzAgent does not have an app and the site is not mobile/tablet-friendly. To complete BzzCampaigns, you may need to access the site via desktop or laptop, as the drop-down menus do not always work on mobile/tablet.

I have been a part of BzzAgent and Influenster for about the same amount of time and received about the same number of invitations and pre-surveys on both sites as well. I have also been lucky to participate in two campaigns on each site.

I prefer BzzAgent’s process of being able to opt-in to campaigns knowing what exactly I am being asked to review. I have declined a few products I have no interest in receiving from BzzAgent, which allows others who would be interested in the product(s) to be offered an invitation. With Influenster, the pre-survey process is useless, as everyone opts-in and it still does not guarantee that you will even receive a voxbox.

I do, however, prefer Influenster’s online community, accessibility to product reviews, and mobile/tablet capabilities, as I often search product categories to discover the top products while I am at the store.

Overall, with any product for review sites, patience and luck are required, so join and have fun!

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As with any product review sites, you will need to provide your demographics, shopping behaviors, types of products used, and general preferences in order for BzzAgent to align you with relevant campaigns.

BzzAgent collects this information through surveys, similar to Influenster’s Snaps. 

You have the option to connect your social media accounts and blog. With BzzAgent, you can connect your Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and create a MyPoints account. MyPoints is a separate site that you can sign up through your BzzAgent account to earn points by completing surveys to redeem gift cards and/or travel miles.

While it is not required to connect your social media accounts, it does help increase your chances of receiving products.

Similar to Influenster’s Impact Score, you have a BzzScore. However, instead of reflecting how many people you are connected to, a BzzScore reflects your participation on BzzAgent on a scale of 0 to 10.

Your BzzScore takes into account your participation in campaign activities, surveys, and social media connections. Declining to participate in a campaign will not decrease your BzzScore.

Bite-Sited Bzz
There are optional fun social media activities on BzzAgent that do not involve products or campaigns. Bite-Sized Bzz activities are posts and tweets that are usually about your hobbies, pets, pop culture, recipes, etc. They also do not affect your BzzScore. 

When you qualify to receive a product for your review, you will receive an invite. These invites usually pop up on your dashboard before it appears in your email. You can choose whether or not you want to participate in a BzzCampaign. If you choose to participate, you will need to confirm your participation and provide your address. If you choose to decline participation, you will have to inform them the reason. Again, declining to participate in a campaign will not decrease your BzzScore.

Once you receive the product, an Active BzzCampaign section will appear on your dashboard. You are required to complete all activities and your reviews are rated based on the quality of your review. 



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