Real Techniques Base Miracle Complexion Sponge

I discovered Real Techniques when I was searching for top makeup sponges. I had only ever applied my liquid foundation using my fingers and that wasn’t going so well. While we all know the most popular bright pink makeup sponge out there, $20 for a sponge?! Oh my word, that could go towards actual makeup (or 20 soup dumplings – sorry, blogging on an empty stomach)! To those who have used both sponges, let me know in the comments which you preferred and if I really should try the most popular makeup sponge. But for now, I just had to give this top-rated, more affordable makeup sponge a try.

Real Techniques Base Miracle Complexion Sponge
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With a revolutionary foam technology, this Real Techniques sponge is ideal for liquid foundation. Use damp for a dewy glow or dry for full coverage, and replace every 1-3 months. This Miracle Complexion Sponge is also a 3-in-1 sponge – the flat edge contours around eyes and nose, the sides blend large areas of the face, and the tip covers imperfections.

Using the same amount of liquid foundation, the complexion of my face appeared more natural when using a damp Real Techniques sponge than with my fingers. After using my fingers, it looked and felt like I applied a mask on my face, while it felt as if I wasn’t even wearing makeup after using the sponge. In addition, the shape of the sponge also made it convenient and effortless to apply foundation around my eyes and nose.

Makeup Sponge vs. Finger Application Comparison
Better seen from a distance, you can see a distinct line between sponge and finger applications.
The Real Techniques Base Miracle Complexion Sponge is $6-$8, depending on retailer. Other brand makeup sponges range from $12-$22.

The Real Techniques Base Miracle Complexion Sponge provided me with a more natural look and feel, compared with using my fingers to apply foundation. The shape of the sponge also made it effortless to apply foundation around my eyes and nose. At such an affordable price point, I recommend anyone who uses liquid foundation to give this a try!


This review is not sponsored, item was purchased myself and all opinions are my own.

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    • I really like it! I can’t figure out why people spend $20 on the beautyblender brand when RT is a 1/3 of the price… are we missing something? 😅


  1. I’ve been using this beauty blender for over a year now and I love it! I typically replace mine every 3 months and try to wash it weekly.
    I live in Canada and buy this as a “2 pack” for around $13! I think this sponge is amazing quality based on it’s price. Great review ! xo

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    • Thanks! We have those in the US too! I was SO tempted to get that pack, but decided to try one out before getting two, haha! I really want to try their dual-ended expert sponge, even though it hasn’t been getting good reviews, but I’m having trouble finding it. But I am loving this beauty blender too! Thanks for reading!!

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    • Yes! I can’t wait to read your review and find out what you think about it! I am loving it so far! Have you used the beautyblender brand before? I haven’t and I’m trying to find people who have used both to see which they prefer bc I can’t justify spending $20 for a beautyblender!

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    • 1-3 months, which I read any makeup sponge should be replaced in this time frame for hygienic purposes, but I do see what you are saying! Thanks for the insight!

      I’ll have to follow-up with how long it will last before falling apart and if it is still usable after 3 months. So far I have used and wash it daily for 2 months and it is holding up well.

      If you don’t mind me asking, how long does your beauty blender typically last?

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      • Oops, I meant 1 to 3 months, you’re right! I have a rocky relationship with beauty blenders as I really hate washing them (simply because I can never get it right) so I tend to replace mine monthly (always with cheap beauty blenders.) That said, there’s never anything wrong with them when I replace them, I just dislike using a somewhat stained beauty blender on my face!
        This is random but have you used the real techniques diamond sponge? I received it as a gift (because I couldn’t justify parting with that much money for a sponge) but haven’t used it yet ❤

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      • Oh! I think we are both getting confused! I think you are calling all makeup sponges ‘beauty blender’s? While I am only referring to ‘beautyblender’ as the brand of makeup sponges, because the cheapest makeup sponge from beautyblender is $16.

        I didn’t want to mention another brand of makeup sponges in my review for Real Techniques. The most popular brand of makeup sponges that cost $20 is beauty blender, while Real Techniques is $6-$8, which is why I was confused as to why you said RT was way too expensive. However, you still bring up a good point that I will have to find out if the RT will last for/after 3 months. If it doesn’t, then in the long run, RT would be considered just as expensive, so stay tuned!

        I have not used the RT Diamond sponge, but I do want to try their Dual-Ended Expert Sponge!

        For cleaning purposes, I find a little dish soap goes a long way. I wash mine right after using it to avoid it staining. Oh, and try not to pinch it if you have long nails! 🙂

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      • Ahh, I see what we’ve done! In the UK, many makeup sponges are called beauty blenders so I’ve just been referring to them as that! RT beauty blenders (aka makeup sponges) aren’t extremely bad in price but I buy non-branded ones for a fraction of the price and they work just as well!

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