NYC Food Adventures

Welcome back to another Foodie Friday!

So last weekend was filled with food and adventure in NYC. It was mainly just wandering around aimlessly (and hungry per usual) with my bestie, but these are a few spots that we hit.

Hester Street Fair (Seward Park)
Hester Street FairI have very fond memories at this street fair from visiting it a couple of times over the years. It is a typical fair that sells clothing, crafts, jewelry and, most importantly, food. This street fair is open on the weekends from April to October.

Usually this fair takes up a good size of the park, so we were a bit disappointed to find it was sectioned off and claustrophobic. It may be too early in the street fair season, so I will definitely return when summer is in full swing. With the limited food options, we left with our stomachs empty and our heads hung low.

LES Kitchen (15 Essex Street)
LES KitchenWe started to Google local restaurants, which we found many just a hop, skip, and jump away… but we got distracted by the burger on the storefront across the street. And this is how we discovered LES Kitchen!

Now when I describe it as tiny, I mean, TINY, like how realtors try to sell you on a ridiculously small room by describing it as ‘cozy’. There is seating around the counter (~7 stools), one table that can squeeze in about 6 people, and a park bench that seats 2 outside. Tiny.

LES Kitchen serves burgers and sandwiches. On Yelp, it has 4 stars from over 250 reviews, and is known for their Angry Bird sandwich, Mighty Bacon burger, and lemonade. We ordered the Panko Portbello sandwich, Essex Street burger, and two lemonades (1 mint and 1 regular).

 Panko Portbello sandwich, Essex Street burger, and lemonades
Panko Portbello sandwich, Essex Street burger, and lemonades

(Cue the choir of angels) I’ll start off with the lemonade because wow, it’s homemade! Not the sneaky ‘we poured it from the carton into a pitcher so it looks homemade’ homemade, and not the lazy ‘we made it earlier in the day so it’s been sitting out all day’ homemade. It’s the ‘made right in front of you’ homemade and it is effing delicious! It actually might be the best lemonade I have ever had.

Onto the burger and sandwich! You know how sometimes you opt for the healthy meal that still leaves you hungry because you don’t want to feel sluggish afterwards and fall into a foma (food coma). Well at LES Kitchen, you can have your cake and eat it too. The burger and sandwich were both large enough to fill us up without us needing to request for a wheelbarrow to roll us out. While we still felt like we needed to walk the meal off, there was no feeling of impending doom. We will definitely need to return here.

Sam’s Fried Ice Cream (37 Orchard Street)
Sam's Fried Ice CreamSo we decided to walk around with no destination in mind until we came across this little dude staring right back at us.

It was Sam’s Fried Ice Cream’s grand opening! Despite feeling full from LES Kitchen, we felt ourselves gravitating to the shop. Honestly, who can say ‘no’ to fried ice cream? I’m lactose intolerant and ‘no’ still didn’t even cross my mind!

The shop is tinier than LES Kitchen, there is no seating inside and only 2 two-seater benches outside. The place was packed as grand openings are, but that was okay since we needed to walk off our meals… even though we ended up sitting on the bench outside.

Menu at Sam's Fried Ice Cream

We ordered a green tea ice cream with a cornflake crust covered in powdered sugar, and a black sesame ice cream with a cornflake crust and caramel drizzle.

Green Tea Fried Ice Cream and Black Sesame Fried Ice Cream
Green Tea Fried Ice Cream and Black Sesame Fried Ice Cream

Let me tell you, cornflake crust is always the way to go. In fact, I now want everything I eat to have a fried cornflake crust. The ice cream inside was still frozen solid, I would have prefer it to be a little melted, but I think it would be perfect in the peak of summer. We are definitely coming back here too!

Green Tea Fried Ice Cream

(Sam’s Fried Ice Cream, if you are reading this, can I please bring your website into the 21st century? I’ll do it in exchange for a fried ice cream or two. 🙂)

Saks Off Fifth (125 East 57th Street)
Saks Off FifthWe stayed on the East Side and made our way up to Saks Off Fifth. Did you really think we wouldn’t do at least a little shopping? 😂

Browsed a bit and one of us discovered and bought a pair of shoes on clearance and the other came up empty-headed. Womp womp.

New York International Auto Show (Javits Center)
This year’s Auto Show will be from April 14 – April 23. While I am not attending this year, I went to meet my cousin who was in town for it. Maybe he went on a bad day, but he reported that it was filled with ‘car fanatics’ who did not know how to appreciate or respect nice cars. Most of the cars were covered with greasy handprints and dents from people touching and sitting on the cars while taking selfies. Apparently there was also a ‘car fanatic’ that kept calling any car with scissor doors a Lamborghini (cringe). My cousin ultimately left the posers behind to nurse his migraine – he may even still be traumatized by the event.

10Below Ice Cream (136-17 39th Ave)
10Below Ice CreamTo cheer up my cousin, we went to 10Below Ice Cream because he saw my pictures of Sam’s Fried Ice Cream. And before you exclaim, “But you just had ice cream!”, this ice cream is different! And I only had a bite… because sharing is caring!

10Below serves Thai-inspired ice cream rolls, it is fresh ice cream as they roll it right in front of you! There are many flavors that you can find on their menu. He got Mint Chip Madness, which is mint chip ice cream drizzled in Nutella, and it was whaley good! 😂 Pun intended.

10Below Ice Cream - Mint Chip Madness
Mint Chip Madness

So yea, that was my weekend and I hope it has inspired you to have your own (food) adventures!

Bon appétit!🍴

This post is not sponsored. All expenses were purchased ourselves, and all opinions are our own.

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